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Do I Need a Website If I Already Have My Business on Facebook?

The answer is Yes! Absolutely Yes!

For most businesses when you're just getting started, how you spend your start-up money is of utmost importance. As a result, many business will opt to create a business page on Facebook, instead of creating their own unique website. We get it, Facebook is free and easy to set up, there's a zillion people on it, and there are some great ad tools on there to really help promote your business.

This blog entry is in no way telling you not to set-up a Facebook page for your business. Instead, this blog is focused on explaining why you still MUST have a website, on top of your Facebook page.

Facebook is limited in terms of design and features

If you really want to build a brand that people can attach themselves to and support, it's hard to do this using the features Facebook provides its members. Yes, you customize of your page header, your store sections, and of course, the content you share, but it will always be overshadowed by the Facebook 'blue' brand. Your own website gives you the freedom to present your brand in anyway you like. From colors, to font, to graphics, and images. All play a major role in how your customer perceives your business.

Take the two images below for example, which one speaks louder to an audience?

Examples from MAMMUT

Facebook also lacks the functions you need to share important details about your business. You are limited in terms of how much information you can provide, and besides no one uses Facebook to read stories about how companies started, or mission statements or product descriptions. On top of this, selling products or booking appointments is just not feasible on a large-scale using Facebook.

A website has the potential to bring more traffic

Facebook has millions, if not billions of members, but how many of them are friends with you? To get wide-scale attention on Facebook requires users to spend $$$$ on continuous advertising. Think about this as well, of all online searches in the United States, about 70% of them happen on Google, while only about 1% occurred on Facebook. What this means is the odds of someone going on Facebook to search for a real estate company, or a coffee shop, or just about any business is pretty slim. Having your own website gives you the chance to target and to rank higher for search terms that are related to your business. Effective marketing and proper SEO can increase your business' profile, increase leads, and grow your sales. A Facebook business page will not allow you to access that type of traffic.

Build credibility by building a website

When you find a business on Google and then click on the address, and are re-directed to a Facebook page, how do you feel? What is your first impression? Having a website gives your customers a sense of trust, which is extremely important as people typically only buy or visit businesses that they know, like and trust. Without a proper website many people may see your business as being a scam, or not a credible enough of a business to work or shop with. Having a website tells people who you are, what your values are and what your mission is; which are so important in building trust.

You will never own your Facebook page

You really don't have to worry about Facebook going anywhere anytime soon, however there is no certainty about changes that might occur on the uber-popular social media site. In the past, as Facebook has changes to the features offered on its platform and page display, businesses have been forced to drop everything to re-design their business pages to accommodate Facebook's new layouts. With your own website you never have to worry about this, and any changes that need to be made are up to you, not a third-party host.


Before running to delete your Facebook business page to develop a new website, Facebook is still an amazing tool to accompany your website, to help your business grow. Here are just a few of the many reasons you need to keep you Facebook page, as well as setting up a professional website:

  1. Facebook is a great place to keep your customers updated with new promotions, products, etc.

  2. Facebook is a great place to post engaging videos and photos.

  3. Facebook is a great way to interact with your audience.

  4. Having a Facebook page can boost your SEO.

  5. Facebook Ads are a great way to reach new audiences.

  6. Like websites, all of your competitors have Facebook pages too.

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