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Your website needs to stand out, engage, and provide outstanding service to your audience. This is how you increase lead captures & sales.  We design bold websites and create high-quality web copy that drives more web traffic and converts visitors into paying customers. Complete SEO included.  

Our Most Popular Services

Online Content Writing
Marketing Consultation
Digital Strategy
Website Design
E-Commerce Startup
Direct Response Copywriting


Words have the power to create change.

This is something we have always believed in, that also fuels our passion to help others with website design and content writing. Proudly based out of beautiful Halifax, Nova Scotia, we have been helping small businesses, universities and blogs, with website development, content writing, e-commerce startup and marketing strategy since 2016. We love immersing ourselves in our clients' projects—diving headfirst into the research, production, and fine-tuning of the stories they feel are the most worthy of telling and the vision they have for their businesses.

Content Writing

What Can Great Content Do For You?

1. Content educates your audience.
2. Content allows customers to connect with you and trust your brand.
3. Content establishes your brand as the authority or expert in your field.
4. Content builds SEO, which means more people will find your website.

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"Chris was very professional and provided excellent copy of our company's webpage."
                                              - Robyn Warrier
                             CEO of WarrierTech Inc.                                               (BrewersInsight)


“We really appreciated the collaborative approach that Chris used when he helped us. We always felt a part of the content development process.”
                                                                                      - Adam Hayre
                                                         Owner / Operator of KinMove


“Having a pro like Chris help me out with content for our social media sites has really freed up my time and given me some peace of mind about keeping our clients informed.”
                                                                                           -Phil Evans
                                         Co-founder of Evans Real Estate Team







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Fevens Content Design
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